Why Blog?

My Grandchildren

My Grandchildren

This is my second day blogging. I know, huh. Thank you for bearing with me as I learn something new. I am a bit nervous, and totally committed to bringing this site a proficient level of Blogspeak.

I wanted to talk to you about my reasons for starting a blog. I am known as a “Resource Person”. My strength has always been finding solutions to problems and executing the solutions. Most of the time this has been successful, but there have been times the re-do, rethink and reengineer process has been necessary. So the first reason I am blogging is to share my experience with you.

When I retired I had a bucket list. My bucket was so heavy, because I made the mistake of always putting things off for that magical moment called RETIREMENT. I had a full plate, working, raising a family, and just getting through everyday the best I could. Take my advice, DO IT NOW, not down the road. If you have to break it down in baby steps that is OK. I loved the Nike ad that said “JUST DO IT”.  Don’t let your perfectionism defeat you.

Finding and using Pinterest has been a blessing for me. This tool has helped me determine things I am interested in.  Once I began, the ideas began to flow.  I have new contacts and new sources of inspiration. As this blog matures I will add buttons for the things that interest me with links that will help get my readers to the areas they want to explore.

I realize as I write this that one of the things I am grateful for are the friendships I have made throughout my lifetime. These are my heartstrings, advisors, and sisters and brothers from another Mother.  I want to honor and chronicle these friendships in what I call THE GARDEN of LIFE. In my minds eye I can see a Board that features pictures of their beautiful faces in flower frames. People come and go through through one’s life, these would be acquaintances. Friendships develop and those are the keepers. One thing that my friends have in common- honesty! Sometimes that would be brutal honesty. No superficial stuff here. These people celebrate my successes with my, crawl with me into my deepest despair, encourage me to expand my life, and love me right where I am. I don’t have to be next door to be their friend. I can be 2500 miles away, pick up the phone and instantly we are together. Usually the conversation picks up right where we left off. I pray that each and everyone of you has at least one person in your GARDEN OF LIFE.

Leaving the Full Time RV Lifestyle

Leaving the Full Time RV lifestyle

Three years ago we decided to go on the road. We sold everything we couldn’t carry in our spacious 2000 Bounder, and read everything we could get our hands on about full time living in a tiny space. And away we went. I loved the fact that if the weather was inclement, we could just pick up and go.

We were blessed to have the past three years to roam around, pursue some interests, and make new friends, while staying in contact with the friends we have developed over decades.

Now we are permanently relocating to Arizona due to some health considerations. We are blessed to have our family, who thought we were certifiable when we made the decision to be full time travelers, now understand the grieving process that goes on when you have to hang up your keys and move on. They were supportive then, and continue to support us as we move into our new life. A dear friend put it so well. When one dream doesn’t work, you get a new dream!! I can’t begin to count the many times I have repeated this mantra in the last three months.

We were blessed to find a nice home in a retirement community, which was affordable and came fully furnished, right down to the forks and wine glasses!! How exciting is that to be turnkey?  I can make changes along the way, but it works for us!  As usual God knows what we need before we do. So we are GRATEFUL!  We begin  this new adventure the 1st of March. I am excited that in this community we will still be able to do bus trips and excursions, and share in the many activities available. I am looking forward to Bunco and Mexican Train. While we have lived in 250 square feet, we are anticipating the splendor of 1,548 square feet of room to spread out. While I have been visiting Pinterest on a regular basis, and have a fairly good feel for the use of allocated space, my life partner has a different view. He has given no thought to where he is going to put his stuff, and figures it will be set onto the floor until he figures it out. This may prove to be interesting. Watch for updates!

In the meantime, I am adjusting my sails and going on a personal journey of spiritual growth. I invite you to float along with me as I explore my “Creative Bent”. It may be I have the words transposed and I may be Bent Creatively. 😘😘

New Beginnings

The Gathering Room. Noun- An assemblage of people,a collection, a gathering for the purpose of promoting fellowship, the act of centralizing something together, the act or fact of coming together.  Verb- the room in which I create and gather my thoughts.

So there you have it. Welcome to my Gathering Room. This is the place where I share my ideas, inspiration, stories, and on an unusually good day some wit, or a virtual cup of tea or a glass of whine wine. Join me and share your ideas, stories and successes.

I am officially an old fart, and I received my red,white and blue card to confirm it. I turned 65 this year. In my mind’s eye ( you will be hearing more about that I promise), I am still the irreverent,sassy,spunky, can do gal that I always was. I have lived in Europe, raised my children in Alaska, and have traveled around the past three years in a motorhome. My daughter introduced to her friends as her Vagabond Mother.  I chose to accept that as a compliment.

I am beginning a new adventure. We bought a home in an 55+ retirement community, and will saying Good-Bye to the Vagabond life style.  Well OK, we will still do some traveling, as health allows.

In futures weeks I will be discussing such things as : down-sizing, living in 250 square feet, eating, memories that are near and dear to my heart, and creating spaces in our homes and hearts.  I can’t wait to hear your suggestions and stories.

So thanks for stopping by, and see you real soon.